NiCole T. Buchanan, Ph.D.

Scholar, Psychologist, Speaker, & Trainer

Organizations are under increased pressure to ensure that their workplaces are healthy environments for all employees and that their workplace is free from harassment, bias, and incivility. While penalties for missteps have increased, there are few places to turn for strategies to create positive change and effective trainings with demonstrated positive effects.

I have over 20 years of experience researching workplace dynamics that help organizations thrive or lead to their demise and implementing trainings that make a positive difference for the workplace climate, employee productivity, client/customer satisfaction, and profitability.

I have conducted trainings across the country and across industries with medical personnel, psychologists, police officers, academic units, and business leaders. My work has been featured nationally in venues such as the Chronicle of Higher Education, National Public Radio, Essence Magazine, and CBS. Most importantly, my trainings are well received and impactful (see representative comments below).

Business, Bias workshop:

  • “This workshop was amazing, easy to follow, and approachable.”
  • “Very informative and different from my initial thought about what a bias workshop would be like. I wish all programs included this workshop.”

Medical Personnel & Hospital Leadership, Bias Workshop:

  • “Dr. Buchanan was a great presenter. This might be good for a (name withheld) meeting with the younger/upcoming leaders at (organization name).”
  • “Very good speaker, kept us engaged and made us aware. I am anxious to take the implicit bias test. You have opened my eyes to unknown biases that I was unaware of.”

Police Officers, Bias and Microaggressions workshop:

  • “This was a great follow-up to the training our agency received last month with her. Dr. Buchanan does a great job with this really difficult material—and with a really difficult audience.”
  • “Excellent session & Information provided & How delivered.”
  • “This needs to be a series of trainings over time that the entire force and personnel takes.”

Trainings Designed for:

  • Medical personnel
  • Leadership Teams
  • Human Resource Management
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Business Centers
  • Educators
  • Academic Departments
  • Students

Trainings & Workshops Offered:

  • Seeing the unseen: The importance of recognizing implicit bias and its impact.
  • Understanding Implicit Bias and Microaggressions.
  • I didn’t know what to say or do…Responding to Microaggressions as Targets, Bystanders and Perpetrators.
  • Organizational strategies for reducing sexual harassment.
  • Assertiveness and Boundary-Setting for Leadership.
  • Fostering academic excellence via inclusive pedagogy.
  • Centering survivors: Creating communities that understand and are responsive to their needs.
  • Working with Adult Survivors of Sexual Assault and Abuse.
  • Cultural Considerations in Clinical Diagnosis and Assessment
  • Custom trainings and workshops designed for your organization

Sample Videos:

  • Buchanan, N. T. (2017, April). Excising a virus of the mind: Individual and institutional responsibility for reducing implicit bias. Invited presentation for TEDxMSU at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.

  • Buchanan, N. T. (2016, January). Bias and its Role in Social Inequity. Invited presentation for the forum, Sharper Focus, Wider Lens symposium on The Nature of Inequality, Michigan State University Honor’s College.

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