Interviews as an Expert Scholar

Selected Research Highlights, Coverage, and Summaries

  • 2019-Friends and Community-Owosso
  • 2017-National coverage of my work on implicit bias. “Did you really just say that?” Here’s advice on how to confront microaggressions whether you’re a target, bystander, or perpetrator. (Featured Article). (2017).  APA Monitor on Psychology, 48(1), 46.
  • 2014-National coverage of “Sex differences in outcomes and harasser characteristics associated with frightening sexual harassment appraisals.” (released online 3/17/14) including: American Psychological Association highlighted article (,, MSU Today.
  • 2013-International coverage of “Exploring Gender Differences in Body Image, Eating Pathology, and Sexual Harassment.” in over 150 separate media outlets including: Popular Science, Medical News Today, Science World Report, Futurity, Huffington Post, MSN News, National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women, Futurity, MSU Today.
  • 2013-The link between sexual harassment and ‘purging’ in men. Michigan State University’s MSU Today. (Henion, 2013).
  • 2011-International coverage of “Fearful or bothered: Two types of sexual harassment appraisals” in over 120 separate media outlets including: Psychology Today, Medical News Today, ScienceDaily, First, Jezebel, MSU Today, Yahoo News,,, News Track India, The Employee Rights Center,,
  • 2006-Breaking the cycle of Bullying. Michigan Agricultural Experiment Stations’ publication, Futures (DePaul, 2006)
  • 2006-Gendered Bullying. Michigan State University’s MSU Today
  • 2006-Michigan State University’s Women’s Resource Center’s publication, Wisdom, Words & Women
  • 2005-Career Forum: Research Professor. Lansing School District’s Access Channel.

Documentary Appearances

  • 2016-Psychology’s Feminist Voices Oral History Project. Featured interview on my research and experiences in academia as a feminist scholar.
  • 2015-Dream Big: Brown Girls developing courage, confidence and character produced by MSU’s Chapter of Pretty Brown Girls.
  • 2014-Faculty and Staff e-learning on sexual harassment, sexual assault and relationship violence, Michigan State University.
  • 2014- Bullying: Psychological and Social Consequences, a documentary on current research and policies to prevent bullying in public schools and assist child, teen, and adult victims.
  • 2013-Black Women and Depression, a documentary on current research and individual women’s experiences of depression.
  • 2012-Urban Blight, a documentary on urban living conditions and the psychology of race and poverty.

Misc. Video Appearances